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About Counselling.

We are looking at the essential as the foundations of a house, and as invisible when all is well-H Krystal.

Psychodynamic counselling is about the person, not just the problem. At first you may come to counselling because you feel afraid and uncertain, something has deeply upset and saddened you and you now need the support to get through that. For now that may be all you want and need; somewhere to go to think and feel. Over time a unique and deep relationship develops and I aim to help you understand how and why you may feel brittle and fragile and we work together to build up your sense of self so that you can feel strong long after therapy has ended and so that problems become easier to manage.

Often clients come hoping that their 'wise' counsellor will give them answers and advice, this of course is understandable but it reinforces power imbalances. In psychodynamic counselling I talk with you about what I feel between us and use that to help you understand relationships outside and your responses to them; we think together about what adaptations you have made and why. We are adept at losing parts of the self as life impacts on us, defences that leave us losing sight of the bigger picture and it is often with a loss or trauma that cracks appear.

We carry ways of being from the past into the present that affect life and relationships now. Psychodynamic counselling helps us understand and change. Psychodynamic counselling is not solution orientated, I do not give advice but instead we work together to fill in important gaps that may have needed to be hidden for some reason. Working from the inside out, the individual is better able to get to the bottom of the things that get in the way of their happiness then decide what they want and what they want to change.

It can be powerful to uncover the internal resources that will sustain. I have particular experience understanding problems that arise in families when a child is feeling outside the mainstream among peers and this might be because he or she is being bullied or perhaps there is a learning disability that impacts on the child and causes distress in the family.

Whatever is going on in life it may just be time to think about you.

I am in Hemel Hempstead, (Woodhall Farm).

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07884 195490

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